Business Leadership Services

One-on-One Business Coaching

The Challenge of Success:

Even a small amount of business success can create conflict and doubt.  When you move from being self-employed to leading a growing business you will need new business leadership skills.

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Change is Hard

Life Coaching

Be Happy

It may be you are a left brain, rational type who wants to feel more engaged and alive, without going to the trouble of starting your own business from scratch. If so, working with me to explore how neuroscience and the science of positive psychology can change your relationship to happiness.

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Start with Self-Awareness


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One third of entrepreneurs knew they wanted to become an entrepreneur BEFORE they had a plan or any clear idea about how to get started. If this is you, begin with this book and the companion workbook.

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Do It Yourself

Character Strengths Assessment


When you use your innate character strengths to navigate the circumstances of your life you will increase your general happiness and your chances for success. It is wise to learn all you can about your personal strengths.

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Know Your Strengths

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Business Leadership Skills

Dana K. Dwyer is a certified coach specializing in business leadership for small business owners.  She is an award winning speaker, experienced corporate trainer and an expert in adult learning and human development.

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