Life Coaching with Positive Psychology

Perhaps you have found yourself here at this website without ever having considered entrepreneurship, if so, consider this.

If you are seeking coaching in order to enhance your general life experience including:

  • enhanced relationships
  • more positive feelings day to day
  • a road map for the intentional pursuit of a life well lived.

If, in short, you want to feel more engaged and alive, without starting your own business from scratch, you may want to consider positive psychology coaching with me.

I know that life coaching is a term without clear meaning. I can say that my coaching point of view is influenced by Neuroscience and Positive Psychology but, really, what does that mean? I also know that to benefit from a relationship with your life coach there must be a sense of personal connection and this sense cannot be manufactured.

That is why I offer a free, no obligation introductory session. If you have questions or feel shy, Contact me to arrange a time to chat informally. I’d love to talk to you.