Dana K. Dwyer Bio.

Dana K. Dwyer is a certified coach specializing in Business Leadership for small business owners. She is an award winner speaker, experienced corporate trainer and an expert in adult learning and human development.

In her coaching practice Dana excels in helping emerging business leaders develop the skills, strategies and systems they need to build a profitable business.

Dana works with small business leaders who are committed to success and willing to work to achieve the success they can imagine. Dana’s strength as a coach is in supporting emerging entrepreneurs as they get into action to build the results they want.

Dana honed her presentation skills teaching university level business management skills in the United States.

Her business coaching programs are designed to appeal to entrepreneurs at different stages of development and include one-on-one coaching, combined life and business coaching and free tele seminars on contemporary business topics.

Dana is an adventurous soul who has built many businesses in her life time. Following her personal dream of living while continuing to work her business.

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