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Dana K. Dwyer


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Dana K. Dwyer is a business coach, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, expert in adult learning and dedicated traveler. As a certified coach and committed wealth builder, Dana is devoted to facilitating positive change by improving thinking in both business and personal arenas.

Drawing on her years of experience as an entrepreneur starting and growing small businesses in the United States and integrating her training as a wealth building mentor, Dana created the Working Miracles Map to Success.

Following the map and using tools designed for adult learners, the Small Business Leadership Now process takes an emerging business leader through the development of a clear plan and a focused strategy for building and growing a small business into a wealth building system that supports individual values, creates jobs and returns value to the community.

Following her own plan for creating a personal life style that supports her closely held values, (the values of learning, adventure, and connection), Dana recently moved to South Africa where she plans to deconstruct her cultural blind spots, make new friends and grow her coaching business into an international learning resource.

A full list of Dana’s advanced┬ácertifications and training is available here.